Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick Smut Volume 3: Cut Yourself a Switch

She had been incredibly disobedient. Blatantly so.

I understood after a moment that she was being bratty for me, which I love, because she's giving me an excuse to punish her. It's her way of "asking for it."

So I dug deep. Thought back to days when I was just a young buck. I gave her a tug on the back of her hair and whispered in hear ear.

"Go outside and cut yourself a switch. A thin one."

This caused a moment of confusion to cross her doll features. Then a moment of curiosity. She went outside with my case knife.

It was gorgeous. Long and thin, when swung it made a phenomenal "whoosh" as if cutting the air in half.

30 minutes later, she was still plugged. Her pussy filled, her phenomenal ass criscrossed with little thing welts, she was gasping and dripping, making a mess of the sheets. I gave her another swift crack. She groaned into the pillow--I'd graciously allowed her to bite into one, mostly to preserve the sleep of our neighbors. Another. Then another.

"Have we learned a lesson?"

"...Please fuck me. Please."

"Well, that didn't answer my question at all."

I gave her clit a fleeting rub, causing her body to tense up. Then we resumed things.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On being a Daddy

It's interesting, the places we find ourselves.

Lady and myself have always enjoyed a fairly hardline power dynamic--I top and she bottoms, in the many and varied senses of the terminology.

And you know, this leads me to many questions regarding patriarchy and my place in it--It's tough being a conscious feminist and being a straight, white male owner of a female slave. Essentially, I figure that Lady is the one who initiated this aspect of our relationship. And I'm not a Gorean, I don't require her complete and total servitude 24/7.

As a matter of fact, she delights in bratting up for me in the bedroom. Which is what led to our most recent paradigm shift.

She was rimming me one evening, mainly because I was reclining in a Jockstrap--she's got a bit of a thing for those, especially just after I work out. On an impulse, after she had referred to me as "Sir", a lightbulb went off and I took a leap.

"Call me 'Daddy', little girl."

She paused. Truth be told, I was afraid I had offended her or stepped over a line. I was wrong. She resumed her tounging with increased fervor, peppering it with "Oh Daddy, I love your ass" and things of the like. It was hotter than a two dollar pistol, as the man would say. That night showed a marked increase in the intensity and enjoyment of our fucking.

That's our dynamic now. When it comes to fun in the bedroom, she calls me "Daddy" at all times. Initially this gave me pause: It's "wierd", right? But no stranger than "Master" or "Sir". And this Daddy Dynamic really is a better fit for us: I enjoy spoiling her, disciplining her, and she enjoys the surrender of treating me like an authority figure. Her brat moments take a decidedly hotter turn when it comes time for punishment, mainly due to the fact that she has to explain herself to Daddy, she has to suffer her reddened cheeks under Daddies hand. It's hot as hell.

I know it seems perverted. That's because it is. But 'perverted' aint such a bad thing.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Smut Volume 2: Summer Sweat

The heat has come to us with full force, low-nineties temperatures making life nearly unbearable. But there's this golden period for some real dirty sexual fun.

I've lead her into our bedroom around 6:30pm, as the heat is just coming down from it's most punishing peak. Our room is sweltering. We use it to our advantage, though, making out and struggling against one another all at the same time. Foreplay: wrestling. Until our sheets are a tangled mess, one end in her mouth as I nudge me knee between her thighs, feeling the supreme dampness of her. I devour her and she can barely breathe, there's nothing but hot sticky air for her lungs...

Our bodies, slapping together wetly, usher in the cool night like a symphony that only we know the sheet music to.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Edge City.

When do you figure that those of us in D/s type relationships take things too far? Is there a moment where you, as either the bottom or the top, take stock of things and decide, "Hey, maybe this is a little out there?"

I'm only asking because I feel like I came to this exact crossroads yesterday.

It should be stated, outright, that I am truly madly and deeply in love with my Lady. I would never do anything to her that we hadn't expressly planned and discussed prior to play. But, with that being said, a miniature Rubicon was crossed last night, and I'm not sure how to feel.

I cut her.

I cut her at her request, and very carefully, with a sterilized razor and proper aftercare.

But I cut her.

I understand that in the BDSM scene, this is considered a form of "edgeplay," or rather play that exceeds even the communities lax standards of acceptability. I also understand the inherent risks involved with cutting your lover up, chief among then in this area being the questions we'll be asked should any of these show in public.

I also understand that it was pretty fucking hot, and that Lady enjoyed it even more than I did.

There's always a conundrum with being the dominant of a relationship, because there is an expectation that you be somewhat self-assured, ready and willing to make sure that you get what you want. Sometimes, that pressure can be a bit much. This is one of those times. I want to vent my reservations, but I cant in good consience vent them to Lady. She's had such a tough time coming out of her shell and realizing that her sexuality is not a sin. To question her at this point would be tantamount to shaming her for having desire, which I flatly refuse to do.

But I just fear this puts us on a darker path than I had envisioned our sex lives to have. Then again, prior to this event she still liked me to flog her until beet-red, and choke her, and even some spit play. So perhaps our sex life isnt as golden and uplifting as I imagine it.

It's scuzzy and dirty and it all kind of has that pallor of darkness. Then again, I wouldnt have it any other way. So maybe I should stop worrying.

Whadda you think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charm of the Unfamiliar

I worry a great deal about a great many things. I worry, that as a white male, that my dominant role in mine and Lady's relationship is a very slippery slope. I worry that I am not feminist enough, I worry that I dont seperate myself enough from the patriarchy.

I am, like every caucasian man in America, a Misogynistic White Supremacist.

I dont like that label, but it's the truth. The long-entrenched and almost hopelessly 'everywhere' of the patriarchal system ensures this. Whether I choose to participate, to become everything that I loathe, or not--it doesn't matter. Because the system will still work without my input. I will continue to benefit from it no matter how much I try to deny it.

The most I can really do is try to analyze myself a little bit at the end of each day and try to distance myself and confront myself with truths that I might not like to hear. It's a process, and it's one that I feel I've been successful in thus far.

But it brings me to write pieces like this, too, as a matter of asking the question I may not want to.

I'm a huge, huge fan of queer porn.

It just does something for me. Perhaps it's the realism of the lovemaking act. Perhaps it's the incredibly sexy stars of it--women like Jiz Lee and Madison Young. Maybe it's even the old DIY in me responding positively to what is still a very grassroots group of filmakers and actors.

But I always have had this troubling feeling whenever I watch it--am I just responding to the exoticism of it all?

Consider what I have gone through as a fan of smut of all sizes, shapes, and forms. I hit puberty just as the Internet was becoming such an all-encompasing force in the lives of, well, everyone. Which means I was able to consume pornography at a pretty swift pace. Lesbian pornography, for the longest time, bored the shit out of me. But look at what the market had at the time: Bimbos who weren't even truly bisexual, doing it for the money, with no passion whatsoever. It WAS boring, because falsity at it's very nature is boring.

But within the last 4 years or so, I found out about real queer porn. This stuff wasnt like anything I'd seen, ever, in ANY pornography. The first movie I ever saw was the Crash Pad. Most of these women were real life partners. It was hot, hotter than boiling molasses, folks. There was such passion, such interplay, such acceptance of various kinks that I thought I'd have to search high and low to find in porn--all right in front of me, in neat little packages with titles like NoFauxx and Superfreak. I couldnt then and still cannot get enough of it.

Like I said, though, those old fears are constantly creeping in: Am I enjoying this because it offers a glimpse into something I'll never be a part of? Is it that I just secretly enjoy seeing real lesbian sex like a boy peeking into the women's locker room?

As a heterosexual white male, do I have the right to watch queer porn and enjoy it?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Smut Volume 1: New Hair

I had recently ordered her to stop shaving. I like a nice smooth surface as much as the next guy, but part of me really wanted to see what it would be like.

Fast forward to nearly a month later. She was getting prodigiously bushy, which created a great starkness of color against the almost pure white of her skin and the pink of her pussy.

And oh my, the fun we had. She's a bit of a pain pig, if she asks me to stop and I do, she'll become kinda perturbed by the whole thing ( another way our power dynamic is a bit odd, I suppose ). I should keep hurting her. She wants me to break her down into rubble. She wants me to destroy her and then have her thank me for it. And she most certainly wants me to grab a handful of that soft downy hair, like adornments to a temple, and pull as hard as I can while my fingers, tongue, and cock turn her into a whimpering mess.

Anal Post: Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication

I must commend Sinclair Sexsmith over at Sugarbutch, which is fast becoming my favorite sex blog on the internet. She's been doing a series of posts regarding anal sex, including toy and book reviews, porn suggestions, and interviews with both professional porn actors and good ol' regular folks. I'd check it out if I were you and had half a brain.

We love anal play in my house. Lady is a confirmed addict to the stuff, and I am too: It not only represents a real dominance thing, but it also shows me that she accepts me fully for who I am ( you'll find you're a whole helluva lot less self-conscious about your body once you've been given a rimjob ). There's a big difference in the feel, especially on her end, as her normal girlish moans turn into something deeper, throatier, and honestly it's pretty hot.

But the first-time user can run into a lot of problems, and chief among them is selection of Lube. In the small-ass sex shop in my small-ass town, there are at least 30 different brands and varieties. In bigger cities, maybe double that amount. Online? Foget about it you're spoiled for choice.

So, given that I have the benefit of experience, I decided to give back, so to speak. These are, in my experience, the top three lubes for anal play.

3. LubeXXX Original -- I dont use this so often. It's got more viscosity than Astroglide, but it suffers from Astroglide's major downfall: stickiness after a certain point. And that can just kill the fun. It isnt my go-to, but I keep a small tube in the car just in case we feel spontaneous.

2. ID Velvet -- I love this stuff. It just has the best feeling of any lube I've ever tried. Afterwords you arent sticky, or even greasy ( an issue that even my number one has ), you're just smooth. Like 'fresh out of a shower lotioned up and air dried' smooth. It just doesnt beat out my number one because it's a great all-purpose lube; this next one is pretty much built for anal sex.

1. Boy Butter -- I've always maintained that if you want to get good at something, you consult an expert. It's how I feel like I've remained a good and generous lover. I watch queer porn to learn new techniques and things of the like. I also figured that Gay males would be a fountain of info as to what a great anal lubricant is. And Jesus did I strike gold. Boy Butter is just an amazing anal product. It's creamy in consistency, though it seems to melt and turn clear with some skin contact. It retains it's slipperiness for what I'd estimate is a good 30-45 minutes without reapplication, good for those of us who are into a bit of the old sex/tease/sex/taste/sex. It does leave you feeling a bit greasy afterwords, but Lady swears by the stuff. On top of that it's pretty affordable ( something I really cant say about ID Velvet ), and it seems to last forever ( in a year we havent gone through the 9 ounce bottle I bought ). Highly highly reccomended.

So there you have it. And remember if you're new to this game: No matter how much lube you think you need, chances are you need more.